2021 Solo exhibition

At Venue - 濕地 Cultural center


We believe in places in we can no longer see.

Inside the global market world, where things and bodies are thrown together into processes of exchange and production, any representation of a place as a unified image is pure fiction. All landscapes are constructions of our minds. There is no sense of scale, no distinct land to paint, no individual point of view from which to paint it.

This series is an attempt to recreate a visual impression of contemporaneity. A constellation of painted objects and bodies collected from cities, fields, or wastelands, recomposed inside the virtual space of digital software, then recomposed again inside the white space of the museum.

They form a long fractal image, a facetted scene, resembling an Instagram scroll – which is the only true visual representation of our time.



『風景化』展覽試圖詮釋了這種難以捉摸風景, 用碎片的城市圖畫, 平原, 物件, 人物。這些畫面碎片就如同演算法在電腦軟體中重新在虛擬世界中被組裝。然後,在展場再次以碎片形式規律得散落其中,進行二次重組。個別的影像碎片,單一的景觀形成一條長型的畫像,雷同於IG無止盡的影像。這是唯一能代表此世代的狀態的視覺表現。