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20200601 Ocean 1 WEB.jpg


Painting: ink on rice paper – 135x70cm

'What can you see, looking from the beach, but a cross section of this endless sprawl? After nightfall, when it has swallowed the sun, and returned to its true, black, starless form where the horizon sank...

...Now it is nothing but a line of successive sensations, coming to you from the dark as you walk past, tumbling on the sand. Cold waves reaching the side of your feet. And their long, steady roar, the only sound that permeated through the day’s disappearance.

It is the sound of the ocean keeping watch, with its unwavering pace, over the earth sleeping.

The sound of time laid bare on the shore, as the last thing standing between one wave and the next.

Is there at your feet…

Eternity’s irreducible pulse. "

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