1 year Master project

Task: extension of an existing train station with a cultural center.

Location: Liechtenstein  


Could a building avoid getting old?

Having a skin made of advertising panels,

this billboard building is a permanent reflection of its cultural context.

As time goes by, the advertising panels are replaced, and so is the building’s discourse, always new and surprising, keeping up with its time.

But bearing the marks of consumerism is the price payed by that architecture for a face that never gets old.


Walking down the entrance hallway, the visitor passes behind the advertising veil. The transparent panels reverse and their texts become unreadable. Only remains the picture: a family, a car, Santa-Claus…



In the waiting room: the space is based on the ornamental pattern, made of a repetition of images and volumes. The brickwork is also ornamental. The projections of colored light on the floor define different atmospheres.



One of the staircases leading to the exhibition rooms.

Everything focuses on the central figuration: here, a drilling machine. In front of such a setting one can wonder: is the picture the ornament of space, or the space the ornament of the picture?



The succession of exhibition spaces, with the color projections of the staircases.



In one of the exhibition spaces: three rabbits.

Advertising ornaments that the architect couldn’t predict.



Another staircase leading to the offices. Unpredictable irony: the mountains aren’t the real ones, standing in the back of the building, but those of an Evian advertising.

Germain Canon - 甘捷曼 - Artist | Taipei

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