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Germain Canon (甘捷曼) was born in Belgium in 1989, where he studied visual arts and architecture.

After working in Brussels, he moved to Taipei in 2014, where works as a painter, architect, and photographer.

He uses painting as a complement to architecture to explore the spatial and temporal complexity of contemporary landscapes.

For over 15 years, he has specialized in black ink painting, for its flowing, lively character, always in tension with the space of the paper.

He has received many commissions in Taiwan and abroad, most importantly for the 2019 cover for the Taiwanese edition of " 人間失格 - No longer human". 

甘捷曼 (Germain Canon),1989年出生於比利時,主修繪畫和建築。




Works and exhibitions:


2021  Solo exhibition at Venue 濕地 Cultural Center, Taipei

2020   Video work displayed at TCAC台北當代藝術中心 - Taipei

2019   Performance at 伊通公園 IT PARK - Taipei

2019   人間失格 - cover design for the Taiwanese edition

2018   Solo exhibition at Ivy Palace - Taipei

2018   Solo exhibition at Just Romantic art gallery – Taipei

2017   Exhibitor at Taiwan Creative Expo (台灣文博會)

2012   Master thesis on Narration and space.




2018   Arch out loud competition (USA) - Director's choice (2017)

2017   Taiwan International Graphic Design Award - Distinction award

2016   International theater architecture competition - Honorable mention 

2013   Serrure award for Master Thesis   

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