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20210302 hand in back WEB 1by1_edited.jpg


Painting series    2018~...

20180801 back WEB 2_edited.jpg

Back 130x60cm

This series shows the surface of the skin as a place. 
My skin appears to me as a landscape. Like the surface of the earth, the surface of the skin is in tension between the invisible mass hidden under, and the open air above.
This tension is recreated, in the painting, by the contrast between the black ink of the body figure, and the white surface of the paper. In opposition to the empty void around it, the ink inside the body, mixed with water, flows in unpredictable textures like living organic matter.



DSC09587 WEB.jpg
20210302 hand in back WEB_edited.jpg

Knee 70x140cm

DSC09580 WEB.jpg
20171222 Person 5 WEB_edited.jpg

Sitting 70x70cm

20171222 Person 5_edited_edited.jpg
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