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hanging landscape

Installation, 2021


We believe in landscapes we can no longer see. The western traditional system of perspective, using the artist's single vantage point, is no longer able to represent a fragmented world.  Inside the global market, where things and bodies are displaced along processes of exchange and production, any representation of a place as a unified image is pure fiction.


This installation is an attempt in reconstructing a landscape by bypassing the artist's vantage point. It is made out of landscape fragments, pieces of older paintings broken apart, then spread into the tridimensional space of the museum. The audience, when walking among the fragments, views them with their own perspective, along their own path, recombining them into their own specific narrative.


The new landscape is a fleeting image. There is a different landscape for everyone, none of which is a definite representation. No one can see the image as a whole. Instead, it unfolds like a fractal image,  a facetted scene rebuilt by each individual experience, like an Instagram scroll – which seems to be the only true visual representation of our time.


Like a social media feed, the original images are fragmented twice, by both their decontextualization and the individualization of the audience’s experience. The experience, however genuine for the viewer, is always necessarily incomplete, the whole landscape remaining imperceptible, showing the limitations of western-style individual perspective to represent a collective environment.

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