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A musical and visual performance

2022 - Ink, digital editing

TOREAU d.jpg

This 12 paintings series was commissioned by Belgian musician Alexis Bourdon, as part of the "Tierkreis" musical and visual performance.


The performance is an adaptation of 12 compositions by Karlheinz Stockhausen, each based on a zodiac sign.

During the performance, the 12 paintings are projected in succession behind the musicians as they play their twelve renditions of Karlheinz Stockhausen's melodies.


The paintings serve as visual guides for the audience members as they travel from sign to sign, while also leading them further into the uncanny landscape constructed by the musicians, which is far from Stockhausen's original material.

Similarly to the musical pieces, which are loose adaptations of the original melodies, the paintings are conceived as mutations, slight distortions of the original zodiac signs, evolving via collage, symmetries, repetitions. 

VIERGE paysage.jpg
CANCER ff.jpg
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